How to start to be a blogger – A step-by-step guide

If you want to write a blog, But you don’t know how to start blogging? Then you have come to the right place. After reading this blog, you will become an expert in blog writing. And you will continue to inflate your wallet by writing your own blog. Today I will teach you how to start a blogger – a step-by-step guide. And let’s go back to the original without delay.

Step 1 – Choose Your Blog Topic

First of all, you need to fix a good topic.

“Can you think of what you would write about?” “What are the most popular blog topics?” “How do I come up with a blog idea?” “ What should I write”? “How to choose blog topics?”

We get questions like these a lot.

The most successful blogs are usually based on people’s needs such as food, travel, fitness, fashion, etc. If you want, you can create a blog about your business and let people know. You will find topics that you like, Write about something that you are very interested in, that you are very expert at, from which you can learn something and teach others.

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Step 2 – Find the Right Blogging Platform

There are many free sites for blogging. These platforms are,, and

However, if you are serious about blogging, Then I will give you a suggestion that you use a paid domain hosting for your blog.

Because there are no restrictions regarding your blog. You can post blogs, pictures, videos as you like. It takes a lot of professionals to call your blogs and can be improved later on. Plus, you actually own your blog.

If you do not plan to blog for more than a few weeks, we recommend using the free platform.

How Much Money Does It Cost to self-Host My WordPress Blog?

Domain Name: your own websites address such as

Web hosting: It will cost you 4 dollars/month to service your website. It can cost you about 60 per year. Which is a lot needed for the success of your blog. If you think blogging is not for you. If you don’t like to write, we told you you don’t have to spend dollars. We will tell you that you can write blogs on free sites elsewhere.

Step-03.Choose your domain name

You fix the beautiful domain for your website. A lot depends on the domain name. You enter a domain name that is easy for visitors to remember. If you need to read anything else will enter your website. This is a unique web address on the Internet.
Install WordPress
Once you’ve signed up with Bluehost, you’ll be able to install your WordPress blog.

Here is what you can do to install WordPress on Blue Host

1.Login to Bluehost with your user profile.
2. On the “Home” page click on the blue button “WordPress”
3.WordPress installation starts.

Step-04.Select a theme for your website

The first thing you need is a beautiful face (design and layout).
Inside the WordPress dashboard, under the “Presence” tab, click “Themes”. You will be presented with some popular options. You will then click on the Themes button and there are many free themes that you can use on your site. has about three thousand themes.


You will design in a way that will appeal to those who visit your site. They like to stay on the site a lot of the time.

Step-05. Select a logo for your site

If you use a WordPress theme, you can change your site to anything else. You can still customize the parts to your liking. Depending on the current theme you will find a set of different options in the sidebar menu but the most common ones will be included.

You will create your logo with your site and theme and with your work. Give the logo a nice color that goes with your theme.

Step-06. write content on your website

If the above works, you can post it on your site.
Now is the time to start real blogging. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Now you can share any kind of information with the reader. It can certainly be valuable to get people to interact with.

You didn’t show up well before you posted the blog.

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