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XPlainer PRO

The Ultimate FAQ Solution

Our custom FAQ WordPress plugin is designed to help businesses streamline their customer support process by providing a comprehensive FAQ section on their website.

Patternly PRO

WordPress Pattern Library for Gutenberg

Patternly library offers 400+ built-in WordPress patterns. WordPress Block Pattern library is here to extend Gutenberg building beautiful websites very easily and smartly with just a few clicks.

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Happy customer share their success stories with Optemiz’s custom plugin creations

Link Assistant

Get relevant suggestions for adding internal links to older content as well as finding any orphaned posts that have no internal links.

Social Media Integration

Easily control how your content and thumbnails look on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks.


Our consultants provide expert guidance and strategic insights to address your unique challenges and drive sustainable growth.

SEO Audit Checklist

Our team of experts will assess various aspects of website to identify areas for improvement and develop a comprehensive action plan.

Security Services

Our dedicated team of security experts offers a range of services to safeguard your website and protect your valuable digital assets.

WordPress Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of WordPress solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. With our team of experienced developers.

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Happy customer share their success stories with Optemiz’s custom plugin creations

The best plugin to add FAQ by-product in woocommerce. It does everything you want in a simple way. Intuitive and customizable. In addition, the support reply very fast and they release updates with the suggestions if they consider that they can be good for the plugin.



I just tried many plugins for adding the faq tab to my products with schema support, and this is the only plugin at doo all of them for me. Thanks in Advance.



I needed to make an FAQ page with accordions in less than an hour. This passed with flying colors. Cool beans, dudes.



Like the FAQ plugin, it’s easy to use. However, it would be useful to be able to edit an FAQ from the product page, rather than having to go through to the FAQs page to edit.



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