Refund Policy

We at Optemiz, make an effort to develop and offer plugins that will completely fulfill your purchase. If you discover any issues with the functioning of our plugin, we will do all in our power to fix them right away.

But anyway, don’t worry if you’re not happy with your purchase. A 14-day money-back guarantee is available. Please take a moment to read the following terms before asking for a refund request. Do not forget! Refunds are not available for functionality that the plugin does not provide.

When We Offer Refunds 

  • When our product that you purchased is not functioning at all
  • If we do not answer your support request within 48 hours (business days only).
  • When the core product description does not accurately describe what the product delivers.

When We Don’t Offer Any Refunds 

  • When your impression has shifted towards our product.
  • You have made a purchase by mistake and have already downloaded the product. 
  • Similarly, discounted or sale products cannot be returned for a full refund.
  • Refunds will not be given if you request a function that is not explicitly stated as part of the product. (Note: You should go through the product’s features and maybe try out a demo version)
  • We won’t be doing any product customization work at the moment. if our product is changed or modified by you or any third party, we won’t provide any refund for such an occurrence. 
  • We cannot provide a refund for orders that were placed in error.
  • Automatic renewals are not eligible for a refund. The chat system allows you to cancel your membership at any time. Once your membership has ended, you will no longer have access to the most recent updates or customer support.

Note: You will be eligible to claim a refund when our mentioned criteria are met. Within 14 days after purchase, you will be able to request a refund. A refund is processed and sent out within 7 business days after being requested.